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Providing strong support for any financial needs.

About Us

Together, We Create Our Financial Security

RichMax Group is involved in the financial sector, delivering a range of financial services to maximize incomes and provide financial security. We are involved in creating value for our broad range of stakeholders, customers, customers, employees and the society as a whole. We believe in sustainable and steady growth to bring about prosperity through hard work, industriousness, business growth through ingenuity, entrepreneurship and enterprise for the welfare of the society in Kerala and the nation. We work together as a united group delivering various strategic initiatives in finance.

Trust is inbuilt as we serve the interests of our customers. Our group provides full transparency in our dealings and transactions. All our efforts are oriented towards meeting the financial goals of our customers.

Our Mission

At RichMax Group, we aim to further the interests of our customers by offering the best financial services and assistance to service their short-term and long-term financial requirements and investment needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most trusted and reputed Brand in Kerala and beyond, offering reliable financial services to its customers by offering financial independence through steady income through deposits and empowering them to achieve their goals through the best loans. Our mission is to inculcate a habit of investment and savings among customers, utilizing our combined financial strength for furthering incomes, building wealth and sustained value over time through the right mix of the most opportune investment solutions.

Chairman's Message

“The RichMax Group is moving to the next generation of services with the addition and incorporation of the best in technologies. This transaction will include a better understanding of the financial needs of our customers for their housing and business needs and as well as in financial emergencies or other requirements.

At RichMax Group, we have envisaged ourselves as a financial institution that has moved from the purpose of creating value of money itself to becoming more oriented towards the needs of the customers. While we continue to attract and accept deposits with attractive levels of earned interest, we have cultivated the structure to go beyond the conventional boundaries of finance and creating new value. We are now stronger, with better financial and non-financial products and services.

While the COVID-19 period had been challenging, our renewed efforts are bearing fruits. The structural reforms and new processes have helped us keep ourselves relevant to the customers. We are an organization where our employees are empowered to perform to their level best and to deliver superior results. RichMax Group has always been a family-oriented and supportive institution that encourages our personnel to take positive and committed action. We continue to support businesses and industries as well as individuals in their financial requirements. We also support them in numerous ways including gold loans and loans on property. Our aim is to bring about prosperity and wellbeing for all who are involved with us. ”

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